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RET Type M

RET Type M

Posted by CGM
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RET Type M for Microsoft Train Simulator
The RET Type M, a significant addition to the Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS) by a team of dedicated enthusiasts, represents a particular model of metro train within the Rotterdam metro system. The RET Type M, known for its functional attributes rather than any modern or sleek design, serves as an integral part of the public transportation network.

MSTS players can operate and experience the operations of the RET Type M, thanks to the commitment and hard work of this passionate team. This metro train, with its practical and reliable design, plays a vital role in ensuring efficient and dependable urban transit services.

The loss of the platform hosting these fan-made creations raises concerns that these exceptional experiences, including the RET Type M, might become less accessible. The RET Type M and related content, crafted by this dedicated team, offer a unique insight into the practicality and importance of public transportation systems. These virtual simulations pay tribute to the role of the RET Type M in the Rotterdam metro and deserve to be celebrated and preserved.

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RET Type M

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