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Los Angeles mod 2.1

Los Angeles mod 2.1

Posted by CGM
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Category Emergency 4 / 911 First Responders!
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Publisher's Description

LA mod for Emergency 4
The Los Angeles Mod by Hoppah holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers, and it's a source of cherished memories and nostalgia. It's more than just a modification; it's a time capsule of countless hours spent responding to emergencies in the virtual streets of Los Angeles.

For those who have enjoyed this mod in its prime, it's a journey back to the moments of excitement, challenge, and camaraderie that they experienced while playing. The mod represents a connection to a bygone era of gaming, a reminder of the days when it was first released, and the joy it brought to the gaming community.

The reason it's on the website is to preserve those memories and keep the spirit of nostalgia alive. By making the mod accessible online, it ensures that both old fans and new players can continue to relive the magic of the Los Angeles Mod. It's a nod to the dedication of Hoppah and the enduring passion of the gaming community.

This mod's presence on the website is a tribute to the countless hours of playtime, the challenges conquered, the virtual emergencies managed, and the friendships forged through the shared experience. It's a digital time capsule, a reminder of the good times spent in the world of emergency response simulation.

In a world where gaming technology evolves rapidly, the Los Angeles Mod by Hoppah remains a testament to the lasting impact that mods can have on the gaming culture. It's a reminder that some gaming experiences are timeless, and that nostalgia can transport us back to a place and time where virtual emergencies were our most pressing concern, and Hoppah's mod was our trusted companion on that thrilling journey.

Extra credits:

Stan for testing and hosting this mod.
MikeyPI for testing the mod and the following models: LAPD Motorcycle, Rollback truck, Battalion Chief SUV, Bomb Squad SUV, FBI SUV, FBI Mobile Command Vehicle, LASD Prison Van and Cadillac DTS fleet models.
Las00t0ut & nfspdf for the original Ford Crown Victoria model
Bass-Ti for the original 'SoSi', 'Stabilize' and 'Trailer' scripts, trailer icons and other scripting help.
Winterberger for the changed smoke particles.
Rev Bem for the original 'Change Clothes' script.
nfspdf for his voice actings and the original English translation.
RunAwayScientist for his voice actings and improving the English text files.
Raddish Gamma for his voice actings.
SHERIFF05 for his voice actings.
MikesPhotos for testing the mod, light changes, improved text files and providing photo's from his website.
xpac for translating the Deluxe text files.
Dust Vader & timmi for the new jet of water texture.
IES Clan for their multiplayer part.
Woltep for the 'Bewaffnete Festnahme' (Armed Arrest) script.
Baz for the sirens.
Stressed for his part in the commands to call additional vehicles.
Walter for the ACU (Army Combat Uniform) skin for the national guard units.
Kowalksi for the USA Skin Pack (v1.01)
Voodoo_Operator for the small apartments buildings and the cabin for the Heavy Rescue truck
And Utrechtterror, SeanTate and Mav1701

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Los Angeles mod 2.1

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