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HTM Regiocitadis

Posted by CGM
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HTM Regiocitadis for Microsoft Train Simulator
The HTM Regiocitadis, a creation of the same passionate fans who dedicated their time to the Rotterdam Metro Route for Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS), is another gem in the world of virtual railway simulation. Like their work on the Rotterdam Metro, these enthusiasts poured their hearts and souls into replicating the HTM Regiocitadis, allowing MSTS players to experience the unique charm of this tram-train system.

Just as with the Rotterdam Metro, these fan-made routes brought the HTM Regiocitadis to life in the virtual realm. While MSTS may have older graphics, the dedication and attention to detail put into these simulations make them a remarkable testament to the fan community's creativity and love for train simulation.

The disappearance of the platform hosting these creations is a loss not only for fans but also for the wider MSTS community. Preserving the HTM Regiocitadis routes, along with the Rotterdam Metro routes, is vital to ensure that these remarkable fan-made experiences can continue to be enjoyed and appreciated by future generations of simulator enthusiasts

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